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SQL Materials - Whitemarsh is SQL Standards, Metabase Software Products and Services to aid Enterprise Database, Data Quality, and Database Design.Various sql database standard informationSQLMM: SQL Multimedia database standard information (sqlmm)SQLJ SQL Java  database standardPapers on the SQL StandardSQL StandardXSQL, SQLX, XML/SQL database standards xsql (SQLX,) standard

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See the TDAN, Featured Papers, and Database Design Information sections for more whitepapers on information systems and Enterprise Database.  Data standardization information is available from the Data Quality pages.  Metabase Software information is also available.  For information on Database Standards consider our Data Interoperability Workshop.  Database training information is also available.

Key Readings:

SQL 2003 Paper
This is a new paper regarding some of the new features in the SQL 2003 standard, including:  new datatypes, enhancements to SQL-invoked routines, extensions to the CREATE TABLE statement, a new MERGE statement, a new schema object - the sequence generator, and two new sorts of columns - identity columns and generated columns

SQL 2003 Documents   
This set of files represents an almost indistinguishable delta on the actual SQL 2003 database standard. It was replaced by the 2008 SQL standard. The working draft of SQL documents based on the SQL 2008 Standard are in the next section.

SQL:20nn Working Draft Documents
This points to the documents that are the current set being worked on by SC32, and in the United States, by DM 32.2 (the renamed committee for ANSI INCITS H2 Technical Committee on Database. For those who track names, H2 is the renamed committee for X3H2 that was started in 1978.

SQL Multisets 
This SQL standards paper proposes multisets as a new kind of collection type.

WG3 Tutorial
A tutorial about the work and projects of the ISO SC32 WG3 Database Languages Working Group.

SQL Projects Tutorial

Essential Paradigm for IT Standards Success
The effect of SQL database standards and SQL conformance tests on competition and innovation in the digital age is significant. Recent history has shown that without publicly arrived-at, voluntary-consensus standards that are validated through robust and enforced conformance tests, a single dominant market share vendor is able to control its market area. This paper, through examples, identifies the requirements for successful IT standards and clearly identifies the proper role of Government within this community.

Great News, The Relational Model is Dead (159K)
This 24 page paper shows how SQL 1999 standard is clearly NO LONGER relational. Rather it includes aspects of the Codasyl network, hierarchical, and independent logical file data models as well.


SQL Standards:

SQL Standard-SQL/XML Functionality: Integration of SQL and XML, sql to XML datatypes, publishing SQL data with XML, mapping SQL data and metadata to XML; and SQL and X-Query: integration of the xquery data model; XML constructor functions, querying XML values.  New!!!

IBM's SQL 1999 Presentation
This SQL 1999 standards presentation was created by number of very well respected database researchers from IBM who are on the ANSI and ISO database standards committees. This file was created during the Spring of 1999 and is thus slightly out of synch with the actual SQL 1999 standard. If an updated SQL 1999 presentation becomes available it will be posted. You will notice that I have "borrowed" liberally from IBM's slides for the Whitemarsh SQL 1999 presentations.

Oracle's SQL:1999 Presentation
This additional SQL 1999 standards presentation was created by Jim Melton who is the Editor of the ANSI and ISO database standards committee base documents. This file was created during the Summer of 1999 and is thus more recent, but still slightly out of synch with the actual SQL 1999 standard. Again, if an updated SQL 1999 presentation becomes available it will be posted. You will ALSO notice that I have "borrowed" liberally from IBM's slides for the Whitemarsh SQL 1999 presentations.

DAMA 2000 SQL1999 Talk
From 1986 through 1999, ANSI SQL standards have been based on two-dimensional tables. This made SQL's data model relational, in the main.  SQL1999, the new ANSI database languages standard, has dramatically broken from the relational model and has specified complex, nested data structures, its own programming language, Spatial and Full Text processing facilities, and even Codasyl sets.

The purpose of this talk is to review these "new" facilities and to identify the impact they will have on database design, data administration, database administration, and database application development. Finally the talk presents the results of an informal survey among the key vendors as to their SQL1999 implementation directions.

SQL:1999, The Presentation (736K)
This 70+ page presentation presents the materials from the Great News paper and includes overheads that show examples of some of the syntax and data structures possible under SQL 1999. You can get the SQL 1999 standard for a nominal fee from INCITS (International Committee for IT Standards).

SQL1999 Bill of Materials (1.41M)
The SQL 1999 Bill of Materials database application provides both a database of the SQL 1999 standard features. The database unfolds like a set of nested directories and each item includes some level of explanatory text. This software is NOT contained within an installer. You must UnZip the files and place them into a drive and directory of your choice. Once there, you merely execute the program, SQL_BOM.exe. Software items here are 32 bit.  They have been tested on Windows 95/98/00 and NT.

Relational Data Model "RIP" overhead (70K)
Presenting SQL 1999. This overhead will be great to use when focusing your screen. Do NOT use this overhead with groups that think that Codd and _od rhyme.

Geneology of SQL1999Standard

Various SQL Readings:

True False & Unknown
Boolean value, or English fact???

Data Management and Interchange Article from ISO Bulleting Jan 2000 

Data Management Export Import Standardization Framework 

Data Mining Presentation

SQL Data Replication Scope and Requirements Document

SQLJ Standards:

SQLJ Part 1--SQL Routines
This paper specifies the manner in which SQL routines may be created using the Java programming language.

SQLJ Part 2--SQL Types
This paper specifies the manner in which SQL datatypes may be created using the Java programming language.

SQL and Java FDIS Ballot Document  SQL Routines and Types Using the Java Programming Language.  

(XSQL  or SQLX) Standards Papers:

Data Management and Interchange - SQL Standards and XML Functionality  New!!!

SQL - XQuery - SPARQL:  "What's wrong with this Picture?" - Crossing Data Model Boundaries New!!!

Removing Attribute Value Normalization from XML Attributes  New!!!

BLOBs and XMLParse/XMLSerialize  New!!!

XMLCast - part 2 of 3, Querying XML values in SQL New!!!

XMLQuery - proposal for XQuery pseudofunction "XMLQuery" to evaluate an XQuery expression within SQL New!!!

XMLTable - presenting XMLTable, an operator which funtions as a derived table in a FROM clause, enabling an XML value to be interpreted relationally as a table.  New!!! 

This document contains the Final Draft for the International Standard for the SQL/XML standard.  SQL/XML will likely be a final standard by Spring 2006. 

An XML Tutorial 

SQLX - Bringing SQL and XML Together

SQL-XML Working Draft Dec 2001

SQL Extensions for Publishing Relational Data as XML Documents
This paper describes extensions to SQL that enable users to construct an XML document directly in SQL.

JDBC-oriented XML DTD for SQL result sets
This paper describes and XML document type definition (DTD) for SQL result sets.  The DTD is designed for SQL result sets that are retrieved using JDBC facilities.  The DTD represents both the JDBC result set metadata, and the JDBC result set data.

Efficiently Publishing Relational Data as XML Documents
This paper characterizes and studies the various methods for publishing XML documents from relational data.  Also includes information on scalar and aggregate functions in SQL for constructing complex XML documents.

Effectively publishing XML data using object-relational technology
Presents Oracle's strategy and direction to efficiently publish XML data from object-relational sources.  Also a comparison of various options available to perform this XML generation.

Change proposal for the Replication Facilities
The paper is a revision of the draft XML-based database event stream (DES) specification that was distributed as X3H2-2000-184.  A DES records and publishes changes of an SQL database system for use by applications that monitor changes, in the database, including replication servers.

A Snapshot of XSQL--A Snapshot of XSQL Overheads
Information regarding: XSQL as an existence proof, W3C query data model progress, info on mapping aspects of sub-project proposal (SQL/XML data & metadata).

A Snapshot of XSQL--A Query Language for XML Paper
This paper is offered as partial background information for the sub-project proposal [SQL/XML].

A presentation on a possible set of SQL facilities to query XML text

Subproject XML Related Specification

WG4 Views on XML

XML Query Data Model

XML Query Requirements

XML Query Requirements 2 

XML Schema Part 0 Primer

XML Schema Part 1 Structures

XML Schema Part 2 Data Types

Mapping SQL Data Types to XML - An Overview

SOAP Version 1.2 W3C Working Draft 

XML Protocol Abstract Model -- W3C Working Draft  

XML Protocol W3C Working Draft   

XML Query Use Cases  

XML Schema Requirements   

XML Syntax XQuery 1.0  

XPATH Requirement Version 2.0  

XQuery 1.0 and XPATH 2.0 Data Model  

XQuery 1.0 Formal Semantics  

XQuery 1.0 An XML Query Language  

H2-2004-015-Fixing-STRIP-WHITESPACE_MustBeUpdatedToXQuery.pdf :Fixing STRIP WHITESPACE option on XML parse to restore the original intent

SQL-MM Standards:

Developing Standards for Time-varying Spatial Information New!!!

Topo-Geo and Topo-Net 1: The Concepts: Spatial Change Proposal  New!!!

Response to: Topo-Geo and Topo-Net 1: The Concepts: Spatial Change Proposal New!!!

Topo-Geo and Topo-Net 2: Concepts, The Sequel - SQL/MM Part 3 - Spatial Change Proposal New!!!

Topo-Geo and Topo-Net 3: Routine Details - SQL/MM Part 3 - Spatial Change Proposal New!!!

Data Management and Interchange - Summary of Changes of History Second WD  New!!!

Data Management and Interchange - Function Camparison of History Proposals including SQL/Temporial, TSQL2. New!!!

Data Management and Interchange - Function Camparison among SQL/MM, SQL/Temporal New!!!

Information Technology -- Database Languages -- SQL Multimedia and Application Packages --2nd Edn. Part 7: History  New!!!

Geographic Information - Geography Markup Language (Text for final CD 19136): GML is an XML Grammer written in XML Schema for the description of application schemas and for the transport and storage of geographic information. New!!!

Topo-Geo and Topo-Net 3:Routine Details - SQL-MM part 3: Spatial Change Proposal New!!!

Topo-Geo and Topo-Net 2:Concepts - The Sequel - SQL-MM part 3: Spatial Change Proposal New!!!

Spatial SQL
An overview of the SQL Spatial facility to define, store and manipulate spatial data

SQL/MM Spatial Presentation
SQL Multimedia and Application Packages - Part Three: Spatial

Data Mining Working Draft
New Working Draft of SQL-MM Part 6: Data Mining

SQL MM Data Mining Presentation

SQL/MM Full Text
The PDF of the SQL facility for processing full text documents. This document is the basis for the ANSI and International Standard that will occur later this year. Please review this document provide comments that I can forward to the appropriate SQL Full Text experts.

Data Replication
A technical overview of a possible new SQL part, Data Replication

Data Mining  
An overview of another possible SQL part, Data Mining

SQLMM Working draft-datamining-2000-07   

SQLMM Working draft-fulltext 

SQLMM Working draft-spatial 

SQLMM Working draft-stillimage  

 SQLMM Working-framework  

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