Enterprise Project Management

It is almost 100% true that IT projects are within budget and are on time on the first day. Starting day two, however....

So what makes projects late. Here are just a few of the reasons:

  • Project's work breakdown structure is incomplete (misses reality?)
  • Estimates for work completion are made to fit a schedule vs fit the reality of the work.
  • Unsophisticated tool set that not only doesn't speed work, but also may make efforts slower.
  • Primitive work product production, retention, update and utilization environments that prohibits current and correct work products.
  • Lack of integration, interoperability, and non-redundancy across work products.
  • Missing independent verification & validation support.
  • Carrying forward incorrect or missing requirements into first version of business information system that either causes outright rejection or causes the need for an immediate version 2 efforts.

This category of presentations, demonstrations, and papers address all these project failure issues.



Short Papers

TDAN Papers

  • Information Systems Plan:The Bet-Your-Business Project
  • Outsourcing: Scourge or Salvation?
  • Earned Value Management
  • Enterprise-Wide Project Management

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