Request for Proposal (RFP) Development


2 hours

The focus of the Request for Proposal Development presentation is in three parts.

  • Development of a valid RFP for vendors
  • Conduct of a robust IV&V activity during the accomplishment of the business information system implementation
  • Constant monitoring of the implementation through effective project management

The first part is the development of valid, reliable, and comprehensive set of materials that can be bid by an outside or internal organization. The core of the effort is the Strategy contained in the Iterative Requirements Development presentation. The topics addressed in this part of te presentation include:

  • Traditional Methodology
  • Methodology Problems
  • Replacement Methodology
  • Problem Resolutions
  • Replacement Methodology Milestones
  • Candidate Staffing
  • Required Hardware and Software
  • Where Used / Past Performance
  • Approach Comparison Summary
  • Summary and Benefits

The other parts are accomplished within other Whitemarsh presentations, that is:

During the IV&V activities, the implementation contractor/organization is carefully monitored to ensure that the business information system as specified in the RFP is in fact being implemented.

During the Whitemarsh Project Management activities, the schedule, resources, staffing, and all the work products called for in the project's work plan are monitored to be sure they are being properly followed.

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