Business Information Systems IV&V


1 hour

The focus of the Business Information Systems IV&V presentation is description of a strategy that can be employed to independently verify and validate that a business information system projects is fulfilling the requirements and prototype foundation that was previously created and serves as the minimum production version of the needed business information system.

The presentation, Iterative Requirements Development, sets out the strategy for determining the foundation. Further, as work products are created the work product's metadata is also stored in the Metabase Systems' database and are mapped to the previously stored metadata. Assessments are then made to determine whether the work products meet the overall requirements foundation. The topics addressed during this presentation include:

  • Data architecture assessments including data elements, specified, implemented, operational, and view data models.
  • Business Information system assessments including business information systems architecture, business requirements, business rules, database domains, database objects, external data interface requirements, external quality standards, information needs, missions-organizations-functions, resource life cycles, use cases, user acceptance tests, value domains, contract work breakdown structures, quality and maturity, and risks.

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