Contracting With Whitemarsh

This page provide information about the various types of consulting, training, workshops, books, methodologies and the Metabase metadata management system that Whitemarsh has provided its clients over the years. The first section identifies and then describes engagements according to their length with links to client project descriptions.

The second section presents our approach for client engagement. To be clear, we're not trying to "sell you something." Rather we want to bring our data management expertise to your site and organization to help you solve your problems. Our focus areas are identified in our ROI section.

To accomplish our help, once we're contacted, we will attempt to discover and understand your specific need. We will then configure an approach to a solution. We may ask for materials so that we can understand your need better.

At that point, we will schedule a GoToMeeting session with your staff so that we can present our understanding and approach. During this presentation, we fully expect that our understanding will be refined.

If there is then a meeting of the minds, Whitemarsh will create a Proof of Solution short-term engagement at a fixed price that has well defined tasks and deliverables.

Once accomplished, if there is still a meeting of the minds, a longer term engagement will be proposed. The price of this longer term engagement will be discounted by the labor costs of the Proof of Solution engagement.

Whitemarsh Engagements

Single to multi Week-Consults

Month long Consults

Multiple Month Consults

Whitemarsh Engagement Approach

  1. Accomplish Initial Client Contact
    • Identify of Specific Data Management Need
    • Understand Specific Need
    • Schedule a Client GoToMeeting Session
  2. Schedule Client GoToMeeting Session
    • Present Whitemarsh Understanding Specific Need
    • Present Whitemarsh Approach to Specific Need
    • Request Feedback from Client on Whitemarsh Understanding and Approach
    • Formulate a Proof of Solution Consult
  3. Develop a Proof of Solution Consult Proposal
    • Determine Duration
    • Identify the Location of the Work
    • Develop the Effort Scope
    • Determine Required Client Staff Participation
    • Develop of Work Plan
    • Identify and Describe Deliverables
    • Create Schedule for Consult
    • Establish Fixed Price Labor Cost
    • Determine Travel and Per Diem Costs
    • Deliver Proof of Solution Proposal
    • Receive Go Ahead for Proof of Solution Effort
  4. Execute the Proof of Solution Consult
    • Conduct Opening Session
    • Reset Expectations as warranted
    • Refine Work Plan if needed
    • Execute Work Tasks
    • Develop Deliverables
    • Conduct Closing Session
    • Receive Reviewed Deliverables
    • Revise and Submit Final Deliverables
    • Submit Invoice for Proof of Solution Consult
  5. Develop of Follow-on Consulting Services
    • Identify Client Needs
    • Develop Work Plans
    • Identify Deliverables
    • Prepare Costs
    • Apply Proof of Solution Costs to Future Invoices
    • Prepare Follow-on work Proposal
    • Submit Proposal, Make Adjustments, and Execute Contract

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