Business Information System Generation


2 hours

  1. Identify data model subset appropriate for business information system.
  2. Generate Clarion data definition language of data model subset from the Metabase System's operational data model.
  3. Modify the Clarion database structure for referential actions, not-null, primary and foreign keys, and value domains as appropriate.
  4. Import the Clarion data definition language into Clarion's application structure generator module.
  5. Generate the business information system application structure
  6. Modify the functional application flow to meet the needs of the business function model
  7. Generate the business information system from the Clarion business information application structure.
  8. Accomplish internal IT demonstration and make obvious adjustments to the business information application structure and possibly the data model.
  9. If data model changes are needed, adjust the source data model int the Metabase System's operational data model.
  10. If changes are made, regenerate the business information system.
  11. Demonstrate the generated business information system to selected sets of functional experts.
  12. Take in comments regarding the adequacy of the work flow and the database table columns.
  13. Modify the existing design of business functions and data models in response to comments received.
  14. Regenerate the business information system and cycle to the same functional users and to additional groups of functional users.
  15. Make, if necessary changes to the Metabase System's data model.
  16. Record the structure of the Clarion generated business information system into the appropriate Metabase System's meta-modules.
  17. When acceptable, publish an business information system design specification that consists of:
    • Mission subsets
    • Database domain subsets
    • Database object subsets
    • Business application subset of data models
    • Business Function model subset
    • Business Organizations subsets
    • Business events subsets
    • Generated business information systems including
      • Screens
      • Demonstration data
      • Load and demonstration procedures

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