Enterprise Data Management

Data are the retained materializations of policy executions. Processes are the procedures that an enterprise's staff and/or business information systems executed by the staff result in enterprise data.

While there are many different strategies and methods for accomplishing enterprise procedures there is only one set of policies. Well engineered policies are integrated, inter-operable, unambiguous and non-redundant. So too must be enterprise data, the retained materialization of policy executions, be integrated, inter-operable, unambiguous and non-redundant.

Enterprise data management embraces the full spectrum of policies, procedures, workshops, methodologies, and the like necessary to effectively manage the capture, retention, use, and evolution of data across the entire enterprise.

A key overall architecture of Enterprise Data Management is presented through the Knowledge Worker Framework. Supporting this framework are a number of other data management component links at the bottom of this page. Please visit each to understand its role. Within each category is its description, associated presentations, demonstrations, and links to a number of different papers. Also available are books that are able to be purchased either from Whitemarsh or Amazon.

Since these categories are within the overall category of Enterprise Data Management, some of the presentations, demonstrations, books and papers are not unique within each category but are employed multiple times to fully addressed the required subject matter.

A very critical failing in achieving enterprise data management is the rapid growth of work products. When work products remain in a document format, their management ranges from difficult to impossible to identify, access, update, and keep synchronized. Such difficulties lead to content and process conflicts across the work products and also enterprise data management project resource and schedule estimate failures. Keeping these work products consistent across business functions, business organizations, or across the enterprise-wide is close to impossible to even contemplate.

In response to this most critical project failure issue, Whitemarsh's metadata management system, Metabase System, enables the capture, storage, update and reporting of work products in an integrated, interoperabile, and non-redundant manner. The Metabase System alone increases productivity, increases quality, decreases cost, and decreases risk.

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