Metabase System

The Metabase System Software is a database-centric metadata management system that stores the work products generated by knowledge workers as they engage in the development of:

Here, the domain of the Metabase System is capturing, storing, accessing, reporting and maintaining the work products identified within the Knowledge Worker Framework. The result is an integrated and interoperable database accessible across the enterprise. The value from capturing and integrating these Knowledge Worker Framework work-products is the avoidance of errors (expressed as percents) identified through an analysis of IT project "autopsy reports" created by the U.S. Government's General Accountability Office.

The Metabase System's data is stored in a database supported by various SQL engines. The Metabase System can be employed throughout the enterprise in a distributed fashion over an enterprise's intra- or Internet.

The key characteristics of the Metabase System are that all the key Database and Business Information System work products exist within an enterprise-wide accessible database and supporting system in an integrated, interoperable, and non-redundant fashion. This ensures that all work products are current and can be readily accessed by appropriate staff across projects, functional areas, and the enterprise. While there is a general work flow for accomplishing these work products in a generally independent fashion, the Metabase System also fully supports data model development in both a forward and reverse engineering manner.

The Metabase System's Engineering and Architecture enables it to be deployed Enterprise-wide. IT knowledgeable staff can write programs against its explicit SQL-engine based schema, and ODBC-based report writers can easily generate custom-developed outputs.

The Metabase System has a set of General Operations across all its modules. In addition, the Metabase System data structure classes are: Simple, Hierarchy, and Network. Supporting these last two is a Metabase System data structures demonstration that shows critical differences.

The Metabase System is available for free in a single-user, single metabase database version, or in a fee-based license version for varying quantities of users, or in an unlimited metabase quantity unlimited user version.

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