Free Metadata Management System
(Metabase System)

  • Yes, the Whitemarsh Metabase System, a comprehensive metadata management system, is now free. No time-outs. No restricted metadata management.
  • You can access and use the provided "Movies" metadata database (metabase) to understand the Metabase System's capabilities. The Movies Metabase is the metadata about a multi-billion dollar corporation's enterprise architecture, data models, business information systems, and the like.
  • This free version of the Metabase System permits you to build your own metabase from the pre-installed "Metabase" database.
  • With this Free Metabase System you can develop and manage:
    • Mission, Organization, Function, and Database Domain Models
    • Database Object Models
    • Information Needs Models
    • Resource Life Cycle Models
    • Business Information System Models
    • ISO 11179 Data Element Metadata Models
    • Independent, but completely integrated conceptual, logical, physical, and view models.
    • Governance across a large collection of Metabase System work products

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