Free Metabase System Frequently Asked Questions

  • So what's the catch? None! Whitemarsh has been developing and using various forms of its Metabase System since the late 1970s. We have learned from all our customers over the years just what successful database projects need, in what form, and how metadata can be brought to bear to increase productivity and quality, and, at the same time, reduce cost and risk. We simply what to share what our clients have taught us.
  • How many metabases of my own can I build? Just one. This is our single-metabase and single-user version.
  • Can I have multiple metabase systems in the Enterprise at the same time? Yes you can. You can download and deploy as many copies as you wish. Each is restricted to a single metabase database, and can be used by only one user at a time. Multiple users? Yes, just not concurrently.
  • How can I report from the Metabase? Any ODBC SQL DBMS accessible report writer will do just fine. For example, you can use Crystal Reports.  We have 75+ Crystal Reports "rpt" files. These metabase reports can be run directly, or accessed through the internet. They are downloadable from the Metabase page.
  • How can I integrate metadata from multiple metabases? That's accomplished through our muti-metabase and multi-user version. Before contacting us for that version, we want you to download and use the single-metabase, single-user version to discover increased productivity, increased quality, decreased risk and decreased cost. By the way, our prices for the multi-metabase and multi-user version are exceptionally reasonable; commonly cheaper than many ER modeling tools.
  • Can I export my metadata once I build it, or am I trapped? You are not trapped! You can absolutely export your metadata. Every metabase database is supported by an explicit SQL schema. It is clear, open, and very obvious. We deliver the SQL schema for the metabase database with every installation. Just use an SQL DBMS export utility like WinSQL.
  • Where can I get the SQL DBMS to run this Free Metabase? For this version, we use Mimer. You can you  download and install the SQL DBMS, Mimer from its website at This free version of mimer is their 10 concurrent user version. Their many-user version runs under a number of different operating systems and is very reasonable in cost. The Metabase System's install instructions tell you what to do, step by step.
  • How can I export Metabase data and load it into another SQL DBMS? Just use the SQL DBMS export utilities to get the metabase metadata into the "Insert Values format" and use a bulk data loader. Any DBA should be able to do this. You can directly see the Metabase System's data through ODBC utilities like WinSQL.
  • How can I deploy the Metabase System under a different SQL-based DBMS than Mimer? The answer is quite simple. We make whatever minor changes are required and re-compile the SQL schema to run under the different SQL DBMS. We change one or two lines of special SQL code so that the Metabase System's software can properly access the DBMS's schema information tables. That's all there is to it. We will do this for you for a fixed price of one-week's consulting. Until it's delivered and working, you don't pay.
  • Suppose I want to extend the functionality of the Metabase System, how can I do that? There are two options. First, Whitemarsh will extend it for you by modifying the Metabase System's data schema, screens, etc. Or second, you can have Whitemarsh train your staff to do this themselves. Under this option, we deliver source code, and all the necessary Metabase System development environment training you need. We also teach the Metabase System's design, engineering, and the actual software code that comprises it's functionality. The costs for either option are quite reasonable. Everything is included in one fixed price.
  • How hard is it to modify the Metabase System's functionality? Not hard. The metadata database schema is pure third normal form. The functionality provided by the Metabase System's functionality is 95% or more automatically code-generated through the development environment we use, which is Clarion from SoftVelocity ( Clarion has both  Win32, and .Net compliant versions. You can also use Clarion to create an Internet based front end. Whitemarsh uses Clarion to build business application systems for a small fraction of what it traditionally costs for equivalent software development. Call us and we will proudly tell you what we do and how we do it.
  • Where can I get Metabase User Guides? You can download our extensive user guides from the Metabase page.
  • Where can I get on-line community support for the Metabase? We automatically enroll you into our Metabase Users Group that provides support.
  • Convinced? Good, now go to the Request Metabase page.

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