Forward Engineering

Forward Engineering is the process of starting either from an empty set of data model components or from a collection of data model components. If empty, then to accomplish forward engineering top-down, the following models need to be created: Data Elements and Specified Data Models (Models of Concepts). Once both exist, then the Specified Data Models of concepts can be used to populate an Implemented Data Model (Logical) with standardized data structures. This is accomplished by importing these standardized structures from the Specified Data Models.

Once the Implemented Data Model is populates, the mappings back to the Specified Data models, and to the Data Element Models is automatic. Thereafter the Implemented Data Model merely has to be imported into the Operational Data Model (Physical). Once done, the generation of SQL DDL (also called scripts) is accomplished by pressing an export button.

If a Reverse Engineering process has already occurred, the process of Forward Engineering a new database at the Operational Data Model is very straight forward. Structures can be imported from one or more Implemented Data Model and once accomplished the SQL DDL (also called scripts) is accomplished by pressing an export button.

Under either strategy, mappings exist from the Operational Data Models all the way back through to the Data Element Model. This ensure semantic interoperability across all interrelated data models.  




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