Forward Engineering


1 hour

The focus of the Forward Engineering presentation is to describe the real payoff from reverse engineering. Close to 100% of all organizations already have collections of databases that are almost always in various states of disarray. The process of Reverse Engineering builds the data architecture infrastructure that enables a consensus understanding across all the operational databases. This understanding is accomplished through the layers of one-to-many common understandings from Business Data Elements to Specified Data Models to Implemented Data Models to Operational Data Models.

The topics for this presentation includes:

  • First establish an Implemented Database schema
  • Import collections of Specified Data Model Entities
  • Establish relationships among the appropriate newly created Implemented Data Model Tables
  • Once created, import the Implemented Data Model Schema into a newly created Operational Data Model.
  • Export the newly created Operational Data Model into SQL DDL
  • Feed the SQL DDL to a SQL-based DBMS for the establishment of a database to be employed by one or more business information systems.

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