Enterprise-wide Project Management

Whitemarsh ROI Savings Summary

Project Management "data" is just another form of metadata. When project management data is stored in the Metabase System's database, individual project plans, set within the context of the enterprise, are able to be manufactured.

The Whitemarsh approach is based on project, deliverable and task templates that enable the automatic generation of project plans. Once staff, by skill and work performance, are assigned, and once work environment factors are allocated, project plan resources are automatically generated.

Project accomplishment status can be recorded as work is accomplished. In addition, the actual created or modified work products can be directly accessed through the project management's entered data such as Deliverables or Tasks.

Whitemarsh's project management creates and manages its data in an integrated database in common with all the other IT work products. The Whitemarsh project management approach is dramatically easier, faster, and more effective than traditional approaches and products. Its ROI over the traditional Project Management approach is 16:1.

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