4.0 The ROI

4.1 Traditional Calculation

A traditionally developed project plan typically consists of:

  • 250 work tasks
  • 50 specific deliverables
  • A PERT chart
  • Assignment of staff
  • Development of a project management proposal

The amount of time for such a project is commonly:

  • Work tasks of 3 minutes each or 12 hours
  • Deliverable specification at 1 hour each or 50 hours
  • PERT chart at 2 minutes per task or 10 hours
  • Assignment of staff at 3 minutes per task or 12 hours
  • Development of an overall project management proposal, 8 hours

The total time is therefore 92 hours or 8 calendar days.

4.2 Changed Approach Calculation

  • Initialize Project Table, 2 minutes
  • Select Project Templates, 5 minutes
  • Generate Work Plan that includes deliverables and tasks, 20 minutes
  • Assign Work Environment Factors to Deliverables, 1 minute each
  • Assignment of staff to deliverables, 2 minutes each or 2.5 hours
  • Generate complete set of required resources, 10 minutes.
  • Export Project Data for Project Graphics, 10 minutes.
  • Import and Generate Project Graphics, 20 minutes.
  • Development of an overall project management proposal, 2 hours.

The total time is therefore, 5 hours or one staff day.

4.3 ROI Summary

Comparing the two approaches, the traditional approach, even if a correct one, takes about 92 hours or 8 days. In contrast, using the Whitemarsh Project Management system takes about 5 total hours. That's a 16:1 ROI. More that 10:1 means that this approach is a Project Management Silver Bullet.

4.4 The "Real" ROI

The real ROI is almost incalculable because with the Whitemarsh Project Management approach:

  • Every WBS is drawn from a standardized collection of that makes comparisons quick and easy.
  • The assignment of and assessment of assigned persons is both easy and comparable as deliverable-accomplishment results are entered by each assigned person on a no less than weekly basis.
  • Every deliverable specification is standardized, and the actual deliverables accomplished are able to be retrieved and reviewed during the project's actual execution.
  • The effect of assigned work environments can be determined, and if possible changed along with the ability to re-generate the remaining project deliverables estimates.
  • Quick, easy, and effective assessment of various project performance across the enterprise by mission, organization, business function, and by type of deliverable.
  • Quick and easy prototyping of project plans through changes in person skill and performance levels and changes in work environment factors.
  • Generation of current and predicted earned value reports.

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