Scenario Two for Using Whitemarsh Products

1. DBMS/Repository selection and evaluation

2. Specification of the corporate business model

3. Implementation of the corporate business model

4. Reverse engineering to materialize the corporate business model

5. Metabase installation and consulting

6. Database training

Business Model Specification

The business model is a highly organized compendium of specifications (both analytic and graphical) that describe the overall business. An database model is a critical prerequisite to successful database implementation. The model is created in a technology independent manner so that it can be mapped to any combination of micros, midrange, and mainframes. With a correct and accurate database model, implementations can proceed on-time, within budget and as specified. Without a database model, systems are typically unsatisfactory, late, and over budget.

The database model development is accomplished through two phases, preliminary analysis and conceptual specification. The preliminary analysis phase creates a high level specification of the effort, and the conceptual specification phase transforms the high level specification into a complete and detailed specification. The database model specification is stored in the metabase.

Database model development consists of both training and consulting. It involves the following steps:

  • Conduct Management Challenge Course
  • Conduct Four Critical Factors Course
  • Conduct Database Technology Course
  • Conduct the Repository-based Development
  • Conduct the Specifying the Corporate Business Model course
  • Install the metabase onto appropriate computer
  • Consult with the client as they accomplish the Preliminary Analysis Phase
  • Consult with the client as they accomplish the Conceptual Specification Phase
  • Prototype development and design iteration

An average sized effort occurs over a eight month period, and requires a team size of about 8, seven staff and one manager. The total staff time is about 5.5 staff years. The Whitemarsh consultant serves as one of the staff members to accomplish training, product development, and coaching.

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