Scenario Five for Using Whitemarsh Products

1. DBMS/Repository selection and evaluation

2. Specification of the corporate business model

3. Implementation of the corporate business model

4. Reverse engineering to materialize the corporate business model

5. Metabase installation and consulting

6. Database training

Metabase Installation and Consulting

The Metabase System is a metadata management system of Whitemarsh. Here, metadata is defined as database-stored artifacts for all the key work products involved in enterprise architectures and data models and business information systems.

The Metabase System exists as a database application written in SoftVelocity's Clarion. The Metabase System stores the products of enterprise database specification, implementation, operation, and maintenance. The Metabase System is used during all phases of enterprise architectures, data architecture models, and business information systems. The Metabase System can be used for multiple enterprise database projects concurrently and in a Internet-base distributed fashion. Accomplishing the Metabase System within an enterprise includes:

  • Conducting the Metadata Management System-based Development course
  • Conducting the Metadata Management System Specification course

There are more than three cases:

 1) Install the Whitemarsh Metabase System and subsequently modify it to fit the needs of the enterprise.

 2) Go on the open market to evaluation and select one.

 3) Create a custom developed metabase.

In the first case, the client acquires and then installs the Whitemarsh Metabase System as a client/server Windows based application that uses ODBC to connect to an ANSI/SQL engine. There after, if Metabase System changes are needed, arrangements can be made with Whitemarsh for customization.  Scenario 1, addresses the second case, except that what would be evaluated would be commercially available metadata management systems. 

The third case is covered through Scenarios 2 and 3.  Whitemarsh provides the Metabase System's complete data model suitable for ANSI/SQL schema generation, and for input to a code generator such as Clarion.  With a Clarion-like, the development time is about four to five staff years.

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