Scenario Three for Using Whitemarsh Products

1. DBMS/Repository selection and evaluation

2. Specification of the corporate business model

3. Implementation of the corporate business model

4. Reverse engineering to materialize the corporate business model

5. Metabase installation and consulting

6. Database training

Business Model Implementation

Database implementation efforts may be through any combination of micros, midrange computers, and mainframes. It may further involve multiple DBMSs, or none at all. The database model implementation effort involves a binding phase and an implementation phase. In the binding phase, the most appropriate technology for implementation is determined. Once determined, the changes to the database model specification are stored in the metabase. The final binding phase task is to determine an implementation strategy that may run the gamut from "all at once" to "evolutionary." The implementation phase is rather traditional, that is, detailed design, coding, unit testing, training, etc.

As changes to the business model's specification are determined, they are stored in the metabase along with the technology independent specifications so that change analyses can be performed.

The enterprise database model implementation opportunity involves training and consulting. The main steps include:

  • DBMS Selection and Evaluation course
  • Database implementation course
  • Accomplish the binding phase
  • Accomplish the implementation phase
  • Accomplish the conversion and deployment phase
  • Accomplish the initial tasks of the production and administration phase

An average sized effort occurs over a one year period, and requires a team size of about 8, seven staff and one manager. The total effort is about 8 staff years. The Whitemarsh consultant serves as one of the staff members to accomplish training, product development, and coaching.

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