Data Semantics Management

The Data Semantics Management book exists in two volumes with more than 1000 pages. The volumes can be purchased individually or as a pair. Each is discounted 35%. The two volume set is discounted by 55%.

Volume 1 provides Rationale, Requirements and Architecture
Volume 2 sets out detailed, step-by-step screen-shot based procedures to accomplish shared-data.

This book is for your project, your organization, an entire functional area, and across the enterprise.

Data Semantics Management is a big deal. So big, in fact, that one DoD Agency has spent over $167 million annually to fix interoperability errors. Another DoD agency spend over $500 million over 12 years searching for the Silver Bullet. All they got were blanks. Another DoD agency spends hundreds of millions every year fixing badly formatted logistics transactions.

One DoD Agency got it right, however. It has saved billions because of stream-lined data and the elimination of systems. What was their Silver Bullet? Good strategy, hard work, and clear thinking. While quality data semantics management was critical, so too was perseverance and top executive management support.

These two Data Semantics Management volumes apply all the learned lessons. These books also reflect reviews from over 50 companies. After a full day strategy and approach presentation, the verdict was: 95% Agree and Strongly Agree. Strongly Agree was 70%.

These two books contain hundreds of screen shots from the Metabase System. This metadata management system not only brings the books alive, it can be downloaded and put to productive use immediately–for no extra cost.

This two volumes answer these key questions.

Volume 1, Rationale, Requirements, and Architecture

Volume 2, Deployment

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These books come alive with the Metabase System.
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