Questions Answered by
Data Semantics Management Book

  • What's the data semantics management problem that needs to be solved?
  • How can I recognize these problems?
  • How can I justify fixing these problems?
  • What gives me the biggest and fastest return on investment?
  • What did those agencies do wrong so I can avoid their mistakes?
  • What does a shared-data framework entail and how can I create one?
  • How can I finally stop driving myself insane because of data names?
  • How can you"make by day" by automating names and definitions?
  • How can you help me address my value domain chaos?
  • How can you help me recognize and address my six classes of business facts?
  • How can you make data element creation a finite, very profitable effort?
  • How can you help me make data structure rubber stamps that I can use over and over?
  • How can you help me "manufacture" database data models?
  • How can you help import and integrate legacy databases?
  • How can you help me get real value from my ERP data?
  • How can you bring real value from the XML "Silver Bullet" I was sold?
  • How can you bring real value from Service Oriented Architectures?
  • How will the two volumes be real value and not just paper weights?

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