Whitemarsh Information Systems Corporation has been serving the database needs of both industry and government for almost 40 years.  Founded in 1981, Whitemarsh is a State of Maryland corporation located in Bowie, a suburb of Washington, D.C.

Whitemarsh's clients come from a wide variety of industries, including both federal and state governments.  It is important to acknowledge and to thank key persons within those organizations.

Whitemarsh's founder, Michael M. Gorman, has been involved in database full-time since 1969. Mr. Gorman, is a charter member of DM32. DM32 is the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) International Committee on Information Technology Standards (INCITS) DM32 Technical Committee on Database, and has been DM32's secretary since 1978.

The Whitemarsh product line

The Whitemarsh product line, Knowledgeware and software, is designed to help organizations achieve enterprise database. From 1981 till the present, every Whitemarsh Database project has been a success.

That's because of active client participation, quality estimates, and careful monitoring and tracking to ensure that forward progress is the norm. There are good reasons you should employ Whitemarsh products and services.

Whitemarsh's books, courses, workshops, and database design templates are distributed electronically, there is no physical inventory and no two-year publishing cycles.

This enables the products to be continuously updated to reflect the latest in techniques. Whitemarsh's software is the metadata management system, Metabase, that captures and manages enterprise, database, business information system, and project management work products.

The entire product line has been developed through a single, unified, and integrated product organizational structure that causes all the training, consulting, software products and methodologies to be closely aligned.

Whitemarsh has four major forms of products:

Knowledgeware: Courses, books, papers, and database design templates. All WisWeb products are freely available to members via download.

Please contact Whitemarsh for more information.

For Sales and Corporate: 1-301-249-1142

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