Whitemarsh Database Workshops

Whitemarsh workshops are activities in which particular aspects of the enterprise database project are addressed in a structured way. The workshops are in two areas: the enterprise database project, and DBMS selection and evaluation. The deliverables and participants for each workshop are clearly identified.

Workshops enable the back home project to be immediately implemented. Whitemarsh consultants are present to maintain "straight and narrow." Thus, projects are accomplished in minimum time with minimum effort.

Workshops are critical to project success. They enable client staff to utilize work-related database project material immediately after taking courses. Misunderstandings are immediately worked out. Thus, real progress is made.

A critical byproduct of the workshops is that as client staff work with the course material on their project, they make adjustments to it, thus, making the techniques part of their everyday work.

A workshop can occur over one week, or be one or two days per week over several months. This flexibility relates to the Whitemarsh goal of helping clients complete projects.

If four or five projects are to be undertaken concurrently, then several occurrences of the same workshop may have to be procured to accomplish all the tasks. The determination of how many workshops of the same title are needed can only be made in concert with an assessment of the project's complexities and client's capabilities.

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