Database Specification and SQL DDL Generation


1 hour

The focus of the Database Specification and SQL DDL Generation presentation. The work effort described in this presentation start with the collection of database objects. The work products here are exclusively contained in the Database Objects column and start at row 3 of the Knowledge Worker Framework.

This presentation sets out the work steps, processes, and resultant work products associated with Business Data Elements, the Specified Data Models of Concepts, Implemented Data Models of databases, and Operational Databases, and View Specifications as needed by Business Information Systems. At the conclusion of this effort, SQL DDL can be generated and fed to an SQL DBMS for SQL database generation.

Once this is completed, the metadata for the relevant data architecture reference models is completed for at least the enterprise data needs of one or more aspects of the overall enterprise mission model.

The fundamental steps involved in the Database Specification and SQL DDL Generation include for example:

  • Schema specification
  • Table specification
  • Column specification
  • Relationship specification
  • Column and table constraints, triggers and stored procedures
  • View specifications

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