Operational Database Models (Physical)


1 hour

The focus of the Operational Database Models (Physical) presentation is the description of the process of defining a database that is defined within the context of a DBMS (e.g., Oracle or DB-2). Hence is is commonly called "Physical." The strategy here is bi-directional. That is, the Operational Database Model can be manufactured by importing an entire or partial data model from SQL DDL, or by importing standardized data structures from one or more Implemented Database Model data structures. The topics of this presentation include:

  • Creation of DBMS schema for a database that is to be deployed within one or more business information systems
  • Creation of DBMS tables within a DBMS schema
  • Creating one or more DBMS Columns within a DBMS table
  • Automatic generation of standardized names and definitions
  • Standardizing DBMS Columns definitions
  • Importing one or more Implemented Database model table collections into the Operational Data Model
  • Importing SQL DDL to create an Operational Database Model
  • Exporting an Operational Database Model into SQL DDL
  • Promotion of an Operational Database Model or subset to be an Implemented Data Model
  • Re-engineering Operational Database Model components from an as-is to a to-be design

There are a number of demonstrations supporting this presentation.

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