Specified Data Models (Concepts)


1 hour

The focus of the Specified Data Models (Concepts) presentation is all about creating the standardized data structures that act as building blocks for database data models. These concept data structures are organized around subject areas such as events, personnel, inventory, business transactions (i.e., header and detail), communication mechanisms, and the like. The three part paradigm is Subject-Entity-Attribute. There are relationships among entities even to the extent that the relationships cross multiple subject areas.

All the attributes are mapped back to business data elements. The process of creation is simple. Identify and tag the entity. Identify and tag the business data element. Press the build attribute button to generate the attribute. Once created, the attribute's name can be changed, and both semantic and data use modifiers can be added. Once these additions are complete the process automatically creates the attribute's full name and definition. Thus, while the attributes might be named differently, their common semantic source (the business data element) provides the ability to understand their semantic commonality. The topics for this presentation include:

  • Creation and employment of subjects
  • Creation and employment of entities within subjects
  • Manufacturing attributes within entities.
  • Assignment of semantic modifiers and data use modifiers to attributes
  • Generation of standardized attribute names and definitions
  • Importing and exporting subject based data models as SQL DDL
  • Re-engineering and reassigning specified data model components
  • Promoting an attribute to be a data element
  • Synchronizing attribute definitions

There are a number of demonstrations supporting this presentation.

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