Business Information System Specification


1 hour

The focus of the Business Information System Specification is the generation of a set of validated and complete work products that, when transformed to a working Business Information System meets business requirements in an acceptable manner.

Critical to the to this effort is the prototyped generation of working versions of the Business Information Systems. The overall outline for accomplishing this effort is described here. During the specification of Business Information Systems, the process of IV&V is necessary to ensure that the Business Information System, upon actual implementation meets a thoroughly validated set of requirements.

The fundamental steps involved in the Business Information System Specification include for example:

  • Logical Database
    • SQL Schema specification
    • Table specification
    • Column specification
    • Relationship specification
    • Integrity constraints, triggers and stored procedure specification
    • SQL Views specification
  • Physical Database
    • Data loading subsystem specification
    • Update subsystem specification
  • Interrogation including
    • Specification of ad hoc reporting subsystem specification
    • Specification of standard reporting subsystem specification
  • System Control including
    • Audit trails development specification
    • Multi-database processing specification
    • Backup and recovery specification
    • Concurrent operations specification
  • Testing
    • Unit Test specification
    • System Test specification
    • User Acceptance Test specification
  • Metabase Metadata loading including
    • System Specifications
    • End-user help and on-line training assistance specification
  • Thorough prototyping of all specifications and recycling until all specifications are reviewed, revised and acceptable to subject matter experts and end users.

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