Strategy for Successful Development of Business Information Systems

This book is all about establishing and then executing the strategy for successful development of business information systems. Business information system development is one of the critical path components of Information Technology. Many, if not most, information technology projects exhibit these characteristics: over budget, under specified, delivered late, and unable to meet organizational expectations.

The United States Government's General Accountability Office (GAO) studies of why business information systems fail shows that new requirements so commonly crop up during the business information systems development that this must be considered intrinsic. These requirements changes, in turn, cause database design changes and software changes.

The database design changes can be handled and/or prevented altogether through the procedures and strategies set out in the Data Semantics Management book.

The business information system changes result from database design changes and also from process logic changes. The onerous effects of process logic changes, can be dramatically affected through the use of object-oriented analysis, design and programming techniques employed within the environment of business information system generators.

A key strategy to minimize the negative impact of software changes is "code-generation," that is, through a business information system generator.

The GAO studies clearly shows that the main failure reasons have nothing to do with information technology. Rather, the failures reside outside the sphere of information technology control.

A common strategy that enterprises employ to avoid business information system failure is to purchase Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) software.

When COTS are purchased, what's being bought is software based on somebody else's requirements analysis. Was that analysis sufficient? Was it comprehensive? Did it match the organization's real needs? If any of the answers is no, then buying COTS could produce a bad result for four reasons.

  • Any business information system built on top of inadequate requirements causes an unsuitable COTS system to be selected and installed.
  • Changing COTS installed software ranges from difficult and expensive, to impossible.
  • How would you know if the COTS system is based on inadequate requirements if a thorough requirements analysis hasn't been performed?
  • Because the acquired software is COTS, the procuring organization now lacks both the capabilities and the tools to make its own software modifications.

In light of these issues and problems, this book presents:

  • A description of the essential prerequisites for information technology success.
  • The nine-step approach to business information systems development.
  • A strategy for developing, executing and maintaining enterprise-wide business information systems and to identify the right accomplishment sequence for these business information systems.
  • An overview of enterprise-wide project management that enables the nine-step projects to be completed on-time, within budget, and delivering what is promised.

This book answer these key questions.

This book provides a detailed 9-step approach including screen shots of actually accomplishing requirements, prototyping, business information system generation, and requirements revision.

This book provides:

1)  An In-depth Exploration of Current Development Strategies and Why They Do Not Work

2)  A Counter Strategy that Ensures Both Business Information Success and Overall Enterprise Success

3)  Outlines of the Environmental Components for Best Results

4)  A Details, Example-Driven 9-Step Approach for a Single Information System; Including a Requirements Revision Cycle

5)  A Strategy to Use the Results of the 9-Step Approach to Construct Enterprise Wide Information System Plan

6)  A Holistic Approach for Business information System Projects and Management Across the Enterprise

7) And much, much more. Go to Table of Contents and Chapter 1


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