CIO Battle Plans: Project Management

Past messages have focused on strategies to efficiently and effectively develop business information systems. These strategies are set out in:

  • ROI 03 (Data centered developmentandmanagement
  • ROI 04 (Data model manufacturing)
  • ROI 05 (Business information system environments)
  • ROI 06 (Business information systems manufacturing)

But just what business information systems are needed? What should their development sequences be? How do you engineer multi-system development sequences effectively? These questions are answered in two parts:

Resource Life Cycle Analysis sets out the business's fundamental resources, their life cycles,  and the specifications of each resource life cycle node in terms of end result database objects. It additionally sets out the precedence vectors that enable effective multi-resource development.

Information Systems Plans, based on other already-developed models for missions, organizations, function, data, and business information systems, are able to be efficiently created and rapidly modified to reflect enterprise changing requirements.

Once these two parts are accomplished, enterprise-wide project management can be effected on certain-knowledge and predictable-circumstances as described in:

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