Bringing It All Together Enterprise Architectures

Previous emails focused on achieving the ROIs by modifying IT processes and strategies.

This email focuses on Enterprise Architecture.

Once complete, enterprise architectures form IT's intellectual property as described in Short Paper 21
Enterprise architectures, stored in the Metabase System database become the foundation for building integrated, interoperable, and non-redundant enterprise-wide IT databases and business information systems.
Metabase stored enterprise architectures can be used to audit IT project development as described in the Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Short Paper 24
The Enterprise Architectures are: the Enterprise's Architecture, Database Object Class Architecture, Data Architetures, Resource Life Cycle Analysis, and Business Information System Plan architectures.
The Whitemarsh Enterprise Architectures book is available for purchase. Short Paper 08 provdes an overview of this book.
We have created a coupon for a discount for the book. It is: EA2016. It will reduce the price by $10.
The Enterprise Architecture course is nearing completion. We will offer this eight-session seminar in several formats. There's bound to be one format that will suit your staff.

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