Building the Database Objects Models


1 hour

The focus of the Building the Database Objects Models presentation is the specification of the first two rows of the Knowledge Worker Framework's database object's column (Column 2).

The evolution of database management systems (DBMS) provide a straight line evolutionary path that leads to Database Object Classes.

This presentation reviews the evolution of database object classes, how they are specified within DBMSs, and how databases and database applications are affected.

While the fundamental outline for this course appears here, the overall objective of this presentation is to set out the role that database object classes play in the specification of the database object class column of the Knowledge Worker Framework.

Database object classes are not however the ultimate end result. They are instead a way to understand semantically homogeneous business data structures such as Customers, Contracts, Orders, Invoices, Employees, etc. as they are viewed within the implemented data model of the data architecture reference model.

A final component of this presentation is a high level specification of enterprise resources, their llfe cycles, and precedence vectors between resource life cycle nodes. These are very valuable in identifying and subsequently describing Business Information Systems and Business Events.

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