Building the Business Information Systems Model


1 hour

The focus of the Building the Business Information Systems Model presentation is the specification of columns 3 (Business Information Systems) and column 4 (Business Events) from the Knowledge Worker Framework.

The top two rows of the Business Information System column identifies and describes the business information systems necessary for the automated implementation of the IT supports for business functions (column 5) in the creation of enterprise persistent data that meets the needs of enterprise missions. Accomplished as well are the identification and specification of the Business Events that intersect Business Information Systems with Business Functions and also set out the business and calendar events schedule for Business Information System execution.

Business Information Systems are only specified to the level required by the work products in the first two rows of the Business Information Systems column and the Business Events column.

Once these are specified, that overall Enterprise Architecture is largely complete.

This presentation sets out the steps, processes, and examples to accomplish this component of enterprise architecture.

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