Whitemarsh Vendors of Note

Here are the vendors we use for Whitemarsh product development

Clarion for Windows - Softvelocity

The Fastest Way to Build Database Applications: is the home to Clarion for Windows. The sophistication of Clarion cannot be overstated. Its design artifacts meta layer feeds the code generator for the creation of a high quality production-quality business application.

Mimer DBMS

The Zero Maintenance Database:
Mimer SQL Engine is a highly ISO/ANSI standardized RDBMS that we employ as our default DBMS. It has a very small footprint and very easy to integrate into the Metabase System.


Thin@ is the software from Ris Software that enables the very sophisticated Metabase System in its Client/Server form to operate at near desk-top speed over the Internet. This gives enterprises the ability to do distributed metadata management which is essential for enterprise data management.


Capesoft is an organization that provides very sophisticated add-on tools for the Clarion developer. We use their tool set in the Metabase System.


Ultra Tree is a product of the Enabling Simplicity Corporation that enables the Metabase System to have very sophisticated Recursion and Network data structures. It is used extensively in the Metabase System. .


Boxsoft is an organization that provides excellent add-on tools for the Clarion developer. Boxsoft also provides high quality education and tutorials to the Clarion community. We use a number of their tools in the Metabase System.

Metabase System Report Writers
Crystal Reports rpt's are available for accessing the Metabase's data via ODBC.  Metabase users can purchase a Crystal Reports license if they wish to create their own reports, or use a 3rd party Crystal Report Viewer for viewing data through the many premade reports.


Arts & Letters is an organization of long standing that has developed very sophisticated graphics software for Windows computers. This software enables the development of graphics that Whitemarsh has used since the late 1980s in all its books, courses, papers, seminars and workshops. As you view Whitemarsh materials, any complicated or sophisticated graphic was most certainly created through Arts & Letters Express.

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