Reverse Engineering


1 hour

The focus of the Reverse Engineering presentation is to convey the strategy for importing one or more database schemas that are fully operational so as to create a collection of data structures within an overall enterprise data architecture. The process consists of:

  • Selecting a collection of operational databases to server as the basis for the data architecture.
  • Exporting the database's structures as SQL DDL
  • Importing the SQL DDL into the Metabase System as an Operational Database.
  • If there is no Implemented Data Model, then promoting the operational data Model to be an Implemented Data Model.
  • Changing the Implemented Data Model's table names and/or column names to be "English-like" if the Operational Data Model
  • Promoting subset collections of Implemented Data Model tables as Subjects, Entities, Attributes, relationships.
  • Promoting Attributes to be Business Data Elements
  • Selecting another operational database and importing it as an Operational Data Model
  • Selecting subsets of the newly imported operational data model and promoting it to be part of existing Implemented Data Model tables or as new tables within one or more Implemented Data Models
  • Selecting subsets of the newly imported operational data model and mapping it to already created Implemented Data Model columns.
  • Cycling through this process until all operational databases are reverse engineered

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