Promote Attribute to Data Element

Attributes, upon review may actually be data elements. This would happen when a review of one or more Specified Data Models shows that an attribute is used multiple times with slightly different names and definitions but are really just different localizations of the same data-based fact. For example, Sales Person First Name, Customer First Name, Employee First Name, and the like.

The process is to create a data element that is common across the attributes. This is accomplished by promoting one data element, generalizing its specifications, and finally, reassigning all the other attributes to that newly created data element.

If there had been value domains assigned to the attributes then, if they are all the same value domain these too would have to be unassigned, then assigned to the newly created Data Element. Thereafter, all the Attributes would inherit the Data Element's assigned value domain.

This reassignment is accomplished by:

  • Start the Subject Data Model Metabase System Module
  • Select the DBMS
  • Enter User Name and Password
  • Select the Menu Item, ReEngineering, and then the subordinate menu item, Promote Attribute to Data Element.
  • Select the Subject
  • Select the Entity
  • Select the Attribute to be promoted
  • Select the Data Element Concept Structure Type
  • Select the Data Element Concept that will host the newly created data element
  • Press the promote button
  • Proceed to adjust
    • Proceed to adjust Attribute Value Domains
    • Proceed to adjust Attribute Meta Category Value assignments
    • Adjust the newly created Data Element's
    • Value Domain assignments
    • Meta Category Value assignments
    • Generate Data Element name and definition
    • Regenerate Attribute names and definitions

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