Integration & Interoperability of Enterprise Architecture, Knowledge Worker Framework, and Metabase System for ROIs

The paper, "Integration and Interoperability of Enterprise Architecture, Knowledge Worker Framework & Metabase System to Produce ROI," is posted.

The paper is 94 pdf pages. It is suitable for staffing across your IT organization.
Section 1 presents the overall objective of the paper, which is to show how eight pillars are integrated, interoperable, and serve to achieve the ROIs.

The eight pillars are: ROIs,  Knowledge Worker Framework, Enterprise Architectures, Data Architecture Reference Models, Resource Life Cycles, Database Object Classes, Business Information Systems and the Metabase System.

Each of the sections, two through nine, describes a pillar and shows how the specific pillar is integrated and reinforced by the other seven pillars and serves as a step by step approach to achieve a given ROI.

Once an ROI is achieved, we believe the way forward will be financially compelling and the work plan to accomplish the strategy and process changes practical.

Section 10 concludes the paper by presenting eleven "Way Ahead Projects." Each project includes two sections, Problem Characteristics, and Solution Approach.

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