General Terms and Conditions Applicable to All Membership Classes


1. Whitemarsh Information Systems Corporation, a State of Maryland corporation of the United States of America, hereinafter referred to as Whitemarsh is the sole owner of all materials created and copyrighted by Whitemarsh.

2. Whitemarsh materials include, but are not limited to, creative or intellectual works that may be evidenced as documents as files or displayed documents, software systems, and formatted data used by software systems obtained from the Whitemarsh On Database world wide web site, hereinafter known as the WisWeb, or by any other means from Whitemarsh. The format for Whitemarsh materials includes, but is not limited to, paper, magnetic, or electronic forms.

3. The WisWeb password is the mechanism that members employ to access and download Whitemarsh materials from the Whitemarsh World Wide Website.

4. A member's password is valid for the remainder of the calendar month during which the membership is obtained and for the next full 12 calendar months.


1. A member is authorized to access and download Whitemarsh Material from WisWeb during the term of the membership.

2. All the Whitemarsh Materials are copyrighted and are subject to all laws related to copyrighted materials with the following exception: copies of Whitemarsh Materials, and the password by which additional copies of Whitemarsh Materials may be obtained may be provided to all persons within the domain of the purchased membership type.

3. Members must exert best efforts to protect the intellectual property rights of Whitemarsh. Members must not therefore give or copy the Whitemarsh Materials, or the password by which Whitemarsh Materials are obtained to anyone outside the domain of the purchased membership.

4. No person is allowed to incorporate Whitemarsh Materials, in whole or in part, into any other intellectual property work, except as may be permitted by the Copyright Laws of the United States of America.

5. No member is allowed to 1) give Whitemarsh Materials, 2) grant a use-license to Whitemarsh Materials, or 3) convey member rights to Whitemarsh Materials to any third party.


1. There is no warranty of any kind for any reason with respect to these Whitemarsh Materials. Users incur complete responsibility for any product that results from or is affected by the use of the Whitemarsh Materials.

2. Whitemarsh Information Systems Corporation rejects all consequential damages of any type. If allowed by law, then only to the extent of prorated portion of remaining membership term.


1. The policy is simple: there are no refunds. Once you make the credit card transaction, the sale is final. You will be sent a password by e-mail.

2. Before you purchase a membership you should determine whether you can download form the website.  This is done by downloading from the free downloads or from the free Knowledgeware sections.  In general, all download files are zipped.  If the file is text or formatted data, the contained files are in Adobe PDF format (  If the download contains program files, the programs are supported by Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, 7 and 2008 and 2012 Server based programs.

Again, if you cannot successfully accomplish a free download DO NOT BECOME A MEMBER.

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