Environment for Database Success


3 hours

The Environment for Database Success presentation sets out an overall environment within which data management can be successful across the enterprise. Success here means that data (i.e., persistent retention of the materialization of policy executions) are designed, captured, employed and maintained in an integrated, interoperable and non-redundant fashion. The topics within this presentation include:

  • Frameworks
  • The Knowledge Worker's Framework
  • The Metabase System
  • The Metabase System support of the Knowledge Worker Framework.
  • Data Standardization, the Key to Interoperability
  • Database Projects
  • Metabase System Demonstration
  • Key Benefits to the Enterprise
    • Impact on the cost of data standardization
    • Impact on Information Systems Development Life Cycle
    • Impact on CIO Goals
    • Technical Benefits
    • Managerial Benefits

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