Questions Answered by Enterprise Governance Community of Interest Handbook

  • What is Governance?
  • What is Enterprise Governance?
  • What's the problem that Enterprise Governance solves?
  • What are the assessed Enterprise Governance work products?
  • What are the processes through which work products are assessed?
  • What's the Value Proposition for Enterprise Governance?
  • How do you Measure Enterprise Governance Success?
  • What's the Business Case for Enterprise-wide Goverance?
  • What's the Blueprint to Accomplish Enterprise Governance?
  • What's a Community of Interest (COI)?
  • Why have Communities of Interest been the Ideal Organizations?
  • What Characterizes Successful COIs?
  • How have Successful COI's been Engineered?
  • How much does a COI Cost?
  • What are all the COI Cost Activities?
  • Why is COI Return on Investments so compelling?
  • What is the Required Program and Scope of Work for COIs?
  • Why are the COI Products that have to be Built?
  • What are the Processes that have to be done by COI committees?
  • What are all Functions that have to be performed by the COI committees?
  • What are the key Officers, Duties and Responsibilities of Key COI Committees?
  • What are all the Rules that should Govern COIs?
  • What are all the COI Projects and What should be the Sequence?

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