Database Objects Architecture and Engineering


3 hours

The Database Objects Architecture and Engineering presentation sets out the overall Whitemarsh approach for discovering, specifying, and employing database object classes within business. The course sets out how almost every business information system is founded on database object classes, which are the end result of a 60 year data structures evolution. Each class consists of four parts:

  • Data Structures
  • Database Table Processes
  • States
  • Database Object Class Information Systems

Each part is fully described and illustrated through examples. Implementation of database object classes within a DBMS is directly affected by its supported. Network data model DBMSs are the most capable . The least capable are Relational data model DBMS. While the ISO/ANSI SQL:1999 and beyond contains Database Object Class facilities their implementation within SQL-based DBMSs can be problematic.

The database object class example that is presented in the course shows not only how a database object class is designed, but then how its specifications are stored in the Metabase System. Once specified the course addresses the actual implementation of database object classes through the use of the Clarion business information system generator.

The course concludes with a summary and benefits.

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