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The focus of the Data Architecture Inventory presentation is the identification and importing of database models that already exist and are operational within the enterprise. Within Whitemarsh these are called Operational Data Models.

These models are imported into the Metabase System through the exporting of SQL scripts. If there are further descriptions of tables and columns that are exportable into a CSV format then these too are bought into the Metabase System.

Data models that are not managed by an SQL engine are able to be replicated as SQL table and column models with supporting relationships among the models.

Collectively, all the data models represent the sum total of the data that is captured and managed by the enterprise in support of its overall architecture.

These data models are examined and the collection of database objects determined and described. Database objects represent an abstraction layer that are possibly employed within multiple operational databases. The database objects form a foundation layer of a higher level Whitemarsh Data Architecture Reference Model called Implemented databases.

A "promotion" process is thereafter performed to create higher levels of both generalization and abstraction of implemented and specified data models, the data element model and finally a model of semantics that are able to be assigned to the data element, specified, and implemented data model so as to enhance standardization of semantics across all the data model layers.

Despite the creation of these additional three data model architecture layers, the DBMS table and DBMS column names in the Operational Data Model layer can remain completely unchanged.

Database objects are ultimately mapped to Resource Life Cycle Nodes.

Metabase System Deployment

Included in this presentation is the identification of the relevant Metabase System data model tables, and the various Metabase System functional modules and processes necessary to capture, store, update, and report appropriate captured data along with an instructor led demonstration followed up by workshop exercises on enterprise architecture work products.

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