Data Management's Concepts and Terms

Concepts and terms are critical to a clear understanding of any complex subject. Data management, database, enterprise database, and business information systems are such subjects and they use a dizzying quantity of terms and concepts. Some that are the same mean different things. Some that are different mean the same thing.

This book, Concepts and Terms, comprehensively provides, defines, and illustrates uses of over 900 terms and concepts that critical to data management, database, enterprise database, ANSI Database Standards, DBMS Standards including SQL, and business information systems.

This book also serves as the one-book concepts and terms source for all the Whitemarsh Information Systems Corporation data management product line.

Here are just a few of the Concepts and Terms that are detailed in this book:

  • 1st through 5th Normal Forms
  • ANSI Database Standards
  • ANSI/X3/SPARC Architectures
  • Business Information System Development
  • CODASYL Data Models
  • Conceptual, Logical & Physical Data Models
  • Data and Process Driven Methodologies
  • Data Management
  • Database Management Systems
  • DBMS History
  • DBMS Relationships
  • DBMS Standard Data Models
  • Enterprise Architectures
  • Enterprise Database
  • ISO 11179 Data Element Model
  • Knowledge Worker Framework
  • Logical and Physical Database
  • Metabase System Data Models
  • Metadata Management
  • NDL Standards Evolution
  • Network and SQL Standards
  • Resource Life Cycle Analysis
  • Security & Privacy
  • SQL Save Points
  • SQL Standards Evolution
  • Whitemarsh Terms Glossary
  • Zachman Framework
  • And Many Many More!

Table of Contents (Includes List of all the Concepts and Terms


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