Create Subjects

A Subject is a named and described context for a collection of entities and attributes. A Subject relates to a concept that is intended to be represented through one or more Entities that contribute to the overall meaning of the Subject.

Subjects can be as simple as Address with two subordinate Subjects of Business Address and Residential Address, or Subjects can be complex such as Person with contained subordinate Subjects such as Biographic Information, Education Information, etc.

Best practice suggests that the name and policy specification of a Subject be narrow. The objective of the Subject, its subordinate Subject along with the Subject assigned entities and associated attributes is to act as a set of standardized data structures that can be used to populate one or more Tables and Columns within the Implemented Database Model.

Unique to the Specified Data Model is that relationships (built through primary and foreign keys) can span Subjects. The process to create subjects includes:

  • Start the Specified Data Model Metabase System Module
  • Select the DBMS
  • Enter User Name and Password
  • Select the Menu Item, Subject & Entities and then the subordinate menu item, Subject
  • If it is to be a root Subject, select "Hierarchy"
    • Press the Insert button
    • Enter a name as appropriate
    • Enter a description of the subject
  • If it is to add a contained subject, select the "parent" Subject
    • Press the Insert button
    • Enter a name as appropriate
    • Enter a description of the subject

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