Create Data Concepts

A Concept with respect to data represents a concept that is to be characterized in terms of data. Examples are Persons, Contracts, Finance, Manufacturing, Transportation and the like.

Concepts are the first rung on the data standardization process. Subsequent to the creation of Concepts, there would be the concepts supporting Value Domains. Here these are called Conceptual Value domains.

These two are brought together and form the basis for Data Element Concepts. So, for the concept Person, the Conceptual Value Domain, Date, would then support a set of Data Element Concepts including for example, Person Critical Dates.

In turn, Conceptual Value Domains are further refined to Value Domains. An example would be a Calendar Date. A Value Domain,  for example, Calendar Date, is then combined with the Data Element Concept, Person Critical Date, to define the data element, Person Birth Date.

While this appears to be an overly refined approach for just specifying the data element, Person Birth Date, these upper layers then enable to find all data elements that are Dates, or that deal with Persons.

The creation of Concepts is accomplished by:   

  • Start the Data Element Metabase System Module
  • Select the DBMS
  • Enter User Name and Password
  • Select the Menu Item, Concepts then the subordinate item, Concepts
  • Press the Insert button
  • Enter Concept information
  • Select the subordinate menu item Concept Structures
    • Insert a new Concept Structure
  • Select the subordinate menu item Concept Structure Type
    • Insert a new Concept Structure Type

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