Courses and Workshops that Deliver the Value

The Following are the titles, ROI references, and links to the various ROI courses that are available in PDF form for downloading. Supporting these materials is a free production version of the Metabase System.

All the ROI courses are not only lecture-based but also workshop-based where the Metabase System is used by the students to achieve the ROI course objectives. Please contact Whitemarsh for costs and schedules for either on-line or "in-house" delivery.

The Whitemarsh Return on Investment (ROI) Presentations are:

1.ROI Concept Paper

2. ROIs for critical IT issues

3.Enterprise Wide Project Management (ROI #1)

4.Information Systems Planning (ROI #2)

5. Data Centered Development and Management (ROI #3)
a. Link:

6. Data Model Manufacturing (ROI #4)
a. Link:

7. Business Information Systems Environment (ROI #5)
a. Link:

8. Business Information System Manufacturing (ROI #6)
a. Link: <this will be presented July 21, 2017 and posted here soon thereafter>

9. Enterprise Architecture (ROI #7
a. Link: <this will be presented August 4, 2017 and posted here soon thereafter>

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