Maintain Columns

A Column, once created in its basic form can be maintained. This includes modifying its name, changing the default data type, creating a local definition, and generating its overall definition. The process of maintaining the Columns semantics through the addition of prefix and suffix is not part of this process. Once added, however, this Column Maintenance process is used to complete the Column. The process to maintain Columns include:

  • Start the Implemented Database Model Metabase System Module
  • Select the DBMS
  • Enter User Name and Password
  • Select the Menu Item, Columns, then the subordinate item, Maintenance, and finally Maintain Columns.
  • Select a Schema
  • Select a Table
  • Select a Column
  • If modification, Press the Change button
  • Uncheck the Freeze All Names check box
  • Modify the Common Business Name if needed
  • Delete the Name, User Name, and Local Definition entries.
  • Press the Reset button
  • Enter a local definition
  • Press the AutoDef button to generate the definition

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