Building the Mission, Organization and Function Models


4 hour

The focus of the Building Mission and Organization Function Models presentation are the work products related to the enterprise architecture rows (Knowledge Work Framework columns 1, 5 and 6). These work products are critical to the development of these work products. The presentation consists of defining the overall process and then for each class of work product the development of both the detailed steps, and most importantly, when it is time to stop the process of specification.

Once the missions, organizations, and functions are defined, the process of intersecting missions and organizations including what the various intersections mean. Once completed, the process of intersecting mission-organizations with functions is accomplished.

In addition to the development of these work products, two additional collections are developed: Management Levels, and Persons (acting as staff within certain management levels and positions who are performing functions within organizations accomplishing missions).

Once these models are completed, enterprise architects, senior management, and subject matter experts of the enterprise will know who and what capacity is performing the business processes or functions from which organizations to accomplish the various essential missions of the enterprise. Further, these enterprise architects, senior management, and subject matter experts will know which business information systems are being executed on a regular or ad hoc basis to collect, store, interrogate, and maintain the enterprise's data, which, after all represent the materialized execution of enterprise policy.

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