3.0 Solution Engineering

Manufacturing business information systems is founded upon, facilitated by, and engineered through the following:

Related ROI

Model/ ROI Contributing Components

Project Management

Project, Deliverable, and Task Templates, Staff Skill factors, Work environment factors, generation of work plans, direct references to produced deliverables, and supported earned value reports.

Business Information Systems Planning

Enterprise Data Models, Database Object Models, Resource Life Cycle Analysis, Business Information System Models

Data-Centered Development and Maintenance

Mission, Organization and Function models. Database Domain, Database Object, and Data Element models. Requirements Models with direct links to actual deliverables.

Manufacturing Integrated, Interoperable, and Non Redundant Data Models

Concepts, Database Logical, and Database Physical models,

Efficient and Effective Business Information System Development

Non Redundant development. Reusable Data and Process components. Business information system generators with sophisticated IDE, control templates, control template language, procedure language and object oriented language, compilers, linkers, and near-real-time development cycles characterized by "conceive-posit-prove-reflect-optimize." Maximized ability to quickly and easily accomplish evolution and maintenance

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