3.0 Solution Engineering

The engineered solution includes highly engineered data models that holds the work product specifications of the enterprise. The included data models are:

  •   Mission Model
  •   Function Model
  •   Organization Model
  •   Database Objects Model
  •   Database Model
  •   Business Information System Model
  •   Requirements Model

The Mission, Organization and Function models are each represented by a few Metabase System database tables that can represent both hierarchical structures and also networks. The relationship among these three models is many-to-many. This avoids redundancy. The Mission, Organization and Function models are able to be related to various other Metabase System components affected by the unique combinations of functions performed by organizations in the accomplishments of enterprise missions.

The Database Object Model consists of a collection of database tables for database object, database object table, database object table process, database object state, and database object information system.

The Database Model consists of a number of Metabase tables that contain the specifications for Schema, Table, Column, Primary Key and Primary Key Column, Foreign Key and Foreign Key Column, and SQL Data Type. The three distinct but interrelated layers of data models in addition to a data element model are: Concepts Model, Database Logical Model, and Database Physical Model. There is also the SQL View Model and XML Model.

The Business Information System Model consists of a number of Metabase System tables that store the specifications for the business information system, tables for its characteristics, subsystems, and tables for mapping to Views and ultimately to database table columns.

The Requirements Model consists of a number of Metabase System tables that store the specification of a requirement, the possibility of hierarchical and network relationships among requirements, and finally the relationship between a requirement from within a requirement's structure and 14 different Metabase System components including for example, mission-organization-functions, business events, business information systems, data elements, and resource life cycle nodes.

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