Whitemarsh Knowledge Worker Framework



Database Object

Business Information System

Business Event

Business Function



Business missions

Major business resources

Business information Systems

Interface events

Major business scenarios



Mission hierarchies

Database Domains, and Resource Life Cycles

Information sequencing and hierarchies

Event sequencing and hierarchies

Business scenario sequencing and hierarchies

Organization charts, jobs and descriptions


Policy hierarchies

Data Elements Specified data models and Identified Database Objects

Information system designs

Invocation protocols, input and output data, and messages

Best practices, quality measures and accomplishment assessments

Job roles, responsibilities, and activity schedules


Policy execution enforcement

Implemented data models and Detailed Database Objects

Information systems application designs

Presentation layer information system instigators

Activity sequences to accomplish business scenarios

Procedure manuals, task lists, quality measures and assessments


Installed business policy and procedures

Operational data models

Implemented information systems

Client & server windows and/or batch execution mechanisms

Office policies and procedures to accomplish activities

Daily schedules, shift and personnel assignments


Operating business

View data models

Operating information systems

Start, stop, and messages

Detailed procedure based instructions

Daily activity executions, and assessments

Table 1. Whitemarsh Knowledge Worker Framework.

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