Resource Life Cycle Model


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The focus of the Resource Life Cycle Model development presentation is the identification, definition and interrelationship of the essential resources (real or abstract) that comprise the enterprise.

Resources include for example money, facilities, inventory, shipments, and the like. These represent the essential components of an enterprise that represent its operation.

Each resource is defined and as appropriate subdivided, and then for each resource its life cycle states are enumerated and described.

The Resource Life Cycles represent well known states in the transformation of a resource from one state to another. These state changes are brought about through database object state transformations and the collection of appropriate business is that effect the transformation.

The Resource Life Cycle Model workshop takes the students through the process of identifying resources, their life cycles, precedence vector relationships between multiple resource life cycles accomplished by connecting a node from one Resource Life Cycle to a node in a different Resource Life Cycle. Finally associated are the database objects and database object related business information systems that accomplish Resource Life Cycle Node transformations from one node to the next.

All these work products ultimately support the creation of a [Business] Information Systems Plan (ISP) that is defendable by business priorities, logical build sequence, and that ultimately enables the transformation of an As-Is set of IT work products to a To-Be set of IT work products.

Metabase System Deployment

Included in this presentation is the identification of the relevant Metabase System data model tables, and the various Metabase System functional modules and processes necessary to capture, store, update, and report appropriate captured data along with an instructor led demonstration followed up by workshop exercises on enterprise architecture work products.

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