ReAssign Subjects to Subjects

Subjects may have been mistakenly assigned to different subjects and may need to be moved to either a different subject or made a subject of its own. This occurs when the overall semantics of a subject may now be too broad and the contained subjects either need to be stand-along subjects in their own-right or contained in a different subject. This reassignment is accomplished by:

  • Start the Subject Data Model Metabase System Module
  • Select the DBMS
  • Enter User Name and Password
  • Select the Menu Item, ReEngineering, and then the subordinate menu item, ReAssign Subjects to Subjects.
  • Tag one Move-from Subject from the left tree list.
  • Check the Tag to Create root if the Move-from Subject (and all its contained subordinate Subjects) are to become a new root Subject.
  • Alternatively, if the Move-To Subject is to be contained within an existing Move-to Subject, tag that Move-to Subject
  • Press the button that reassigns the Subject move action

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